neck rejuvenation

neck skin rejuvenation

The neck is one of the main markers that tell the true age of a person. You can achieve ideal youthful proportions of the face, but if you do not take care of the skin of the neck, everything will be in vain. Wrinkles, foldsLoose skin in the neck will still tell others that you are 18 or even 25 off!

Therefore, the neck is the area that needs to be taken care of in conjunction with the rejuvenation of the skin of the face. After all, the skin of the neck is very thin, contains a minimum of sebaceous glands, so age-related changes often occur in the face. Much earlier than appear on it.

In addition, the woman's neck has fewer melanocytes (cells that protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation), meaning it undergoes more active photoaging.

What advice is there for keeping the skin in perfect condition in this delicate area?

Injection Techniques for Neck Rejuvenation

As soon as the skin of the neck begins to become thin, dry, wrinkled, it is necessary to immediately replenish the supply of hyaluronic acid. This is done in the following ways:

  • the introduction of fillers based on natural hyaluronic acid;
  • With the help of injection skin reconstitution (biorevitalization, mesotherapy).

For the rejuvenation of the cervical region, specially designed low-density gels are usually used. Although liquids usually dissolve faster, this is not the case for the neck. Here, the more liquid the filler the better. Models the way, keep beautifully filled shape, look natural and last a long time - at least a year. At the same time, after the procedure, the rehabilitation period is not required - modern fillers workableFormally do not cause edema and other undesirable side effects.

Perfectly tighten the skin of the neck and new generation fillers, which start the process of producing their own collagen. For example, an innovative Dutch filler.

The effect of this filler in tissues is comparable to the effect of setting threads, as the composition of both injectable fillers and modern threads includes components such as caprolactone. It is a fully biodegradable soft healing suture that has been used in medical practice for many decades with excellent results. In other words, filler mainly works to tighten the tissues.

This filler does not attract moisture, so it does not cause puffiness. Due to this unique property, it can be used on delicate areas such as eyes, lips, neck, décolleté. Stimulates the production of type 1 collagenwhich produces velvety skin and excellent lifting effect.

The drug strengthens the collagen framework and has a bio-reinforcing effect, making the skin more elastic and toned.

A high-quality carrier gel eliminates "migration" of the implant and guarantees absolute predictability and consistency of the contouring result. It is a biodegradable filler, that is, it is completely excreted from the body at the end of its expiration date. Is.

For complex skin restructuring, procedures such as biorevitalization and mesotherapy are recommended.

Biorevitalization is an intradermal microinjection of hyaluronic acid preparations. The procedure quickly restores water balance and normalizes the metabolism of the dermis.

For procedures, hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is used. Once in the skin, it is broken down into simpler components, from which its own hyaluronic acid begins to be synthesized immediately. The main effect of such injections immediatelydoes not occur, but occurs over time, and is of a more long-term nature. After all, they do not replace the natural processes of synthesis, but enhance, accelerate and stimulate them.

The number of procedures and their frequency depend on the severity of the problems and the degree of dehydration of the skin (usually from 1 to 2-3 procedures).

Mesotherapy is a similar technique, only mini-injections of special "cocktails" of biologically active preparations are introduced into the skin, the composition of which may vary depending on the problem being solved. Contains vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, plant extracts and other valuable elements. Mesotherapy procedures allow you to help all the active substances penetrate the skin and renew it from the inside.

Perfect for rejuvenation of the cervical region plasmolifting. It has long been known that our blood is a powerful resource for restoring and healing the body, we just need to activate this ability.

As a result, the skin becomes as elastic, dense, toned, radiant as it was in its youth. Wrinkles, folds, age spots and other aesthetic defects disappear.

Laser technology for delicate areas

Fractional rejuvenation with the Fraxel laser device can be used as an independent technique for neck rejuvenation, and perhaps in conjunction with injections. American Fraxel is a unique device that renews human skin and removes all defectsA thin (thinner than a human hair) laser beam creates thousands of micro-spheres of impact (microthermal treatment zones) on each centimeter of skin. Old and defective collagen and excess pigment are destroyed in these microzonesAlso, many viable cells remain around each microzone of exposure, which are activated under the influence of heat. During this process, which can take from several hours to several days, defects at the site of each microzoneFree skin appears.

A unique feature of Fraxel is that the laser does not destroy the top layer of the epidermis – the stratum corneum – layer. Therefore, after the procedure, the skin looks natural.

After the laser fractional rejuvenation procedure, the structure of the skin itself changes. It becomes smoother, hydrated, elastic, less prone to inflammation and rashes. It becomes easier to take care of it at home.

Fractional laser works delicately on the skin, but the number of procedures depends on the initial data and the problem being solved. One procedure per year is enough for someone, and someone may need a course of 3-5 procedurescan.

The result, namely youthful beautiful skin, can last for a long time.

Ultrasound for Non-Surgical Neck Lift

Unlike laser techniques, which can only be used during periods of minimal solar activity (ie, autumn, winter and early spring), modern ultrasound techniques are suitable for use in all climates.

And they are comparable to the effect of a surgical lift, which, as you know, reduces not only stretched skin, but also muscles.

A non-surgical alternative to neck lift at the level of the muscular system (at the level of the SMAS) is the well-known Altera therapy, which is performed on the American Ulthera system.

The device is based on focused ultrasound, which is able to penetrate to a depth of 6 - 8 mm under the skin, first reducing the collagen fibers there and providing a lifting effect, and then start the process of formation of youthful collagen. In this case, the surface of the skin is not damaged. About a week after the Altera therapy procedure, there is a synthesis of type III collagen (also known as youth collagen) not only in the immediate areas of thermal exposure, but also under them. Increases with its subsequent transformation into type I collagen.

This leads to the development of a non-surgical tissue lifting effect without damaging the surface of the skin. The maximum effect occurs after 3 months of the procedure.

A unique additional advantage of using ultrasound for skin rejuvenation is the ability to directly visualize the dermis and subcutaneous structures in real time, which increases the level of medical protection.

With surgical skin tightening, a single exposure is sufficient. The result obtained lasts from 1. 5 to 3 or more years, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

Thread Technique for Neck Rejuvenation

Ultrasonic lifting using filament technologies is recommended for elderly patients. Use of self-absorbing threads. Other threads are used to correct the chin line.

All these threads have sharp marks and, penetrating the skin, in addition to the visible tightening of the tissues, they also initiate a rejuvenation process.

Thus, the combination of ultrasonic and thread lifting will give a powerful dual effect of lifting and rejuvenation.