Experience of use Brilliance SF

SF - Personal experience before and after using anti-aging cream

Snezana, Riga.

Hello everyone! Today I decided to review how I was able to rapidly change externally and open a new page in my life. Anti Aging Face Cream helped me mainly. In my review I will give you my personalI will tell about the experience, what kind of device it is, how I used it, I will show my photo before and after.

Brilliance SF - Reasons to Use

a feast tale. The children grew up, I grew up, and my husband moved to another, young and beautiful. I am a very optimistic person by nature, so I did not mourn for long and vacated for my own benefit. Decided to use the time). I went shopping, picked up a new modern and stylish wardrobe, went to a beauty salon, met a friend . . . He liked everything "new" about me, but not my faceShe said that I am 10-15 years old . . . I reached the beautician for consultation.

I was clearly against doing botox injections and other similar procedures. The beautician recommended Brilliance SF anti-aging cream. She said that in our country it is an entirely new remedy in the world of beauty and health. , But it is already very popular in many European countries. It is made from natural ingredients, does not cause side effects and allergies, while it is very effective in the fight against age-related changes in the skin, as in clinicalProved by tests and consumer reviews. So I decided to try this cream. The first photo shows my face before using.

anti-aging cream - how to use, application

As I learned, Brilliance SF is, firstly, the restoration of facial skin cells, which leads to rejuvenation. The natural components - vitamin C and wheat protein - attracted a lot of my attention, as I did the beauty of the skin. And have heard about their miraculous properties in the context of puberty. In addition, it contains vitamin E for hydration and nutrition.

Facial rejuvenation at home - result of applying anti-aging cream Deepti SF

The packaging tells you how to use the cream - just like a regular face cream. The only thing the manufacturer recommends is to apply the cream with gentle massage movements so that the action is as possible. Effective and fast. I started using Brilliance SF twice per day (morning and evening). I liked the cream from the first application. Very light weightless texture, easily applied to the face, absorbs quickly, Does not leave a greasy layer. Makes the skin velvety and silky, very soft. Burning, relieves dryness, improves skin tone.

facial skin rejuvenation - results of using Brilliance SF

I am 100% satisfied with the result. After three months of daily use, the wrinkles no longer lift as strongly as before (the result of the use in the second photo). The face looks younger. No allergies, side effects, etc.

I met a friend recently, he was very surprised how I achieved such a result using only a cream. I also met a man. He is younger than me, but with him it's fun, interestingAnd now I don't have time to get bored. Rishta is super. If I was like before, she wouldn't look at me. Thanks to Deepti SF for bringing new life to my face).

I recommend this cream to all girls and women as an effective and safe remedy for daily facial care and to keep the skin young!